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How To Attract Your Perfect Clients With Credibility
Tuesday, November 24th, 2020
3:00pm - 4:00pm Pacific Time
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Tuesday, November 24th
3pm - 4pm Pcific Time
 November 24th
3pm Pacific Time
How To Attract Your Ideal 
Clients With
How To Attract Your Ideal
Clients With
Learn to Predictably Attract Your Perfect Clients by Building a Mountain of Credibility™ 
- Absolutely Free!

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Mike Skrypnek

Founder & CEO of Grow Get Give Coaching, Seven-Time Best Selling Author and International Speaker

Know. Like. Trust. 

The essence of credibilty. 

Mike Skrypnek, is a seven time best selling author, successful business owner, entrepreneur coach and big impact philanthropist who would have achieved none of this without credibility. 

Find out what it takes to move from being considered the "fox-in-the-henhouse" to recognized expert, serving leader, influential guide and inspiring coach. 

Success is never achieved overnight and is elusive for most, but when you learn to build a "Mountain of Credibility" you can predictably attract the people you will serve to make your impact. 


What You Will Learn In This Free Event:
Learn Seven Ways to Build Your Mountain of Credibility™
Credibility is the best way to grow your business working with the people and markets you hope to serve. No cold calls and avoid direct selling at all costs. The secret to never selling again is found through credibility. 
How Credibility Works 
and How To Get It
Learn how crediblity shapes the decisions of the people you wish to serve. You get it through your actions and when others perceive you to be valuable to them. Know. Like. Trust. Those are the words at the heart of credibility.  
How to Be 
the Subject Matter Expert
Finding a repeatable way to predictably attract the ideal clients or customers for your business almost guarantees success. When you are positioned as the subject matter expert in your market, the right clients will seek you out.
What people are saying about Mike Skrypnek's training...

HUGE Results!

“You have helped me transform my confidence in SO many areas, this is a huge feat for me! So for that I must say thank you. I am on a better path now thanks to your direction.”

Angela Merzib ~ Owner, BeBOLD Branding, Calgary

A STEP above!

"I've worked with a other coaches in the past but Mike Skrypnek far exceeded my expectations. He's the best Coach i've worked with thus far. Before we even got started he made sure to understand my learning style and how I operate, in order to get a better understanding of how to Coach me. His attention to detail, integrity and personable demeanor separates him from the masses."

Thomas Johnson~ Owner, GetUpNGetFit Wellness Concierge, New Jersey

The Perfect GUIDE!

Having Mike Skrypnek as my business coach is a lot like having an experienced travel guide along if you were going to hike to Machu Picchu. You would want someone to show you exactly what trails to take, which to avoid, how to get there at exactly the right moment, and what to pack to make the hike easier. You would never attempt hiking to Machu Picchu without someone who knew the way. In the end, the hike would be the experience of a lifetime. This what working with Mike feels like to me.

Michael Lepage, Owner Plan Academy Online Training, Hamilton
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